Ahhh literally comedy gold 👌

Love a poolside selfie 👌 #pool #santasusanna #barcelona


This photo shares to many memories and laughter 😂 Johnny Bravos at the beach 👌🙈💕 #barcelona #santasusanna #beach #family #friends

Literally one of my favourite photos 💕

Thank you so much for the most incredible holiday once again. The memories we have made this will forever be etched in my soul. I love you princess of Bagshot 💕 @karenhoare #barcelona #bestfriend #family #beach #santasusanna

German - The Capital of England is Liverpool. Ahahahaha! 🙈😂.

Barcelona is a party hard or go home place. 👌 #barcelona #drunk #drink #cocktail #beer #santasusanna #holiday #2014 #alohacocktailbar

I owe these people so much, thank you for making my holiday incredible. The banter, the laughter,the hangovers and everything in between. I love you all. #alohacocktailbar #barcelona #2014 #santasusanna

'No day shall erase you from the memory of time.' One of the most hard hitting emotional places I have ever visited. Rest in peace you beautiful innocence souls lost that day. 💕 #911 #neverforget

In one year…

When I think about how much has changed in a year since we went to Barcelona it makes me happy.

I finally feel healthy and refreshed with a lot more energy than I ever had. I mean I’m even taking my gym shoes on holiday that’s dedication. But then there is nothing more rewarding that getting on that scale the day of your holiday for it to tell you. You have finally lost a stone. Four weeks one stone down. Now to get the other three more off. I couldn’t be happier.

Since going to Barcelona last year me and a guy well I have now well we both have now admitted to each other that we want more than just a friendship. Whilst I was out there last year we both denied and denied it. Now he’s going away for a week and so am I. We are finally at a place where we can see something happening. But slowly. Hey there’s nothing wrong with slow right.

Karen and I have also lost a few friends on along the way in the past year, which has made me realise who would be there if I need pieces of myself put back together. I have a solid net work of friends now who I absolutely adore.

But myself and Karen are so much closer now, personally I didn’t think that was possible but it is. Without her there past couple of months I don’t know where I’d be. I love you with all my heart. Regardless if you are my cousin to you are ultimateatly my best friends. So thank you.

You could say right now I a so happy and full of where my life is heading now. Amazing how much can change in a year.

Now take me to BARCELONA where we can create some new memories.


'Right now the whole world could call me ugly
So what?
To you I’m not
You don’t love me ‘cause I’m beautiful
Oh no
I’m beautiful ‘cause you love me

I can tell you the deepest
And darkest of my secrets
Knowing that you will keep it
And it won’t change our feelings
Every mark on my body
You know every inch of me
All the parts that I
Used to hate you glorify…’

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